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Q- Player Evaluation-How is it done and how is player team assignment determined?

A- There are two 1 Hour evaluation sessions for grades 3 & 4 and two 1-1/2 Hour evaluation sessions for grades 5-8.

     These evaluation sessions are conducted by the BFB Board members, each of who have extensive basketball     

      experience. At these evaluation sessions the boys and girls will participate in drills allowing the evaluators to determine

      each players mastery of basic basketball skills. They will also scrimmage so the evaluators can see how they do in a

      team situation. After evaluations are completed, the evaluators sit down and determine where each player should 

      be placed.


Q- When will teams be selected?

A- The teams will be selected and parents and players will be notified within 7-10 days of the evaluations.


Q- When will the season begin?

A- With the exception of the 7th/8th Recreational Travel Teams, practice will begin approximately October

     21st and games will begin approximately the second week of November. The 7th/8th Recreation Travel 

     practices begin approximately January 6th and games will begin the last week of January.


Q- How long does the season last?

A- Below please find the approximate start and finish dates of the BFB Programs

    3rd-8th Competitive Travel-October 21st to March 1st

    5th/6th Recreational Travel-October 21st to January 19th

    7th/8th Recreational Travel-January 6th to March 15th


Q- What leagues do the teams play in?

A- The Competitive Travel teams play in the DuPage Youth Travel Basketball League (DYTBL) and the 

     Recreational Travel teams compete against Wheatland  (Waubonsee Valley, Nequa Valley and Metea

     Valley area) and St. Charles Recreational Travel teams.


Q- How do the 7th/8th grade programs work with the RMS 7th/8th grade programs?

A- The BFB 7th and 8th grade Competitive Travel teams and the RMS 7th and 8th grade school teams

     operate concurrently. Because almost all of the 7th and 8th grade boys on the BFB Competitive Travel

     teams are also on the RMS teams, and the RMS teams are practicing every day, the BFB 7th and 8th

     grade Competitive Travel teams do not need to practice as much. As a result, in order to prevent

     overlap and burnout, the BFB 7th and 8th grade Competitive Travel teams are limited to one practice

     per week and can only play 1 game per week on either Saturday afternoon or Sunday during the school



Q- When will practice and game schedules be available?

A- Practice schedules will be done on a monthly basis and should be available around the 15th of the prior

     month. Competitive Travel game schedules will be available after the DYTBL meeting in late October. 

     5th6th Recreational Travel game schedules should be available approximately October 21st.


Q-.Who do I contact if I have a question or an issue that needs to be addressed?

A- Please see the list of grade level commissioners located under the "Contact Us" section of the "About Us"

     tab located on the home page of this website.