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The following are the rules for the Competetive Travel League as set out by the DYTBL league: 


4th grade 

DuPage Youth Travel Basketball League –Games Rules

 Rules apply to all league games and tournament play

 Except for specific rules below, IHSA rules apply.

 Games will consist of 4-7 minute quarters with clock stops on all whistles.  Quarters 1 and 2 constitute 

first half while quarters 3 and 4 constitute second half. 1 minute allowed between quarters.

 5 time outs (3 full and 2 30-second) are allowed per team per game.  Unused timeouts rollover to 

overtime.  One additional time out is given for each overtime.  Full time-outs are 1 minute inn length.

 There will be a half time of 5 minutes between halves.

 In case of tie game after regulation, first overtime will be 2 minutes in length.  Subsequent overtimes will 

be 1 minute in length.  Clock stops on all whistles.  1 minute allowed between 4th quarter and the 

beginning of overtime and each subsequent overtime.  Jump balls start overtime.

 Games may be shortened by referees and/or officials at their discretion, with the exception of overtime.  

Game shortening is a one-time event with the specific cause and cannot be standard practice at any gym 

 Three point shot is in effect.

 Full court press is allowed at any time during the game for 6th-8th Grade.  Fourth Grade cannot full court 

press until the last one minute of the first half or the last two minutes of the game.  A team cannot press if 

they are ahead by 15 points or more.

 Defense may be man-to-man or zone.

 Five fouls result in foul out.  Bonus (1 and 1) on 7th team foul and thereafter each half.  Super Bonus (2 

shot) on 10th team foul and thereafter each half.

 Two technical fouls on coach or player in one game result in immediate ejection.  Technical fouls count 

as non-shooting fouls.  Any coach or player that gets a T the other team should get 2 points and the ball.

 At the discretion of the referees, any player judged guilty or fouling with deliberate intent to injure will 

 Referees are instructed to have zero tolerance for foul or abusive language from players, coaches, 

parents and/or fans.  Referees have the authority to issue technical fouls and, if necessary, 

ejections.  Coaches are responsible for players, parents and/or fan behavior.  Failure on part of 

coach, player, parent and/or fan to promptly leave gym upon ejection will result in game forfeiture.

 Referee’s decisions are final.  No protests allowed.

 Home team’s score book is the official scorebook.  Both teams are responsible for entering their line-up.  

Home team is responsible for supplying someone to keep the scorebook as well as the clock.

 Teams must supply their own warm-up balls.

 Referees – League games require 2 patched officials per game.  1 Patched official may be used if agreed 

to by both coaches.  If using 1 official is not agreed to by coaches then the Home team forfeits the game.

 Ball size – 4th/5th Grade Boy’s will use a 28.5 ball.  6th-8th Grade Boy’s will use a regulation size ball.