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Batavia Feeder Basketball Tryout - FAQ 
Q: Should you attend both tryout sessions? A: Yes.  We recommend that all girls attend both tryout sessions.  We will be better able to evaluate all players if they attend both sessions. 
Q: When should we arrive for tryouts? A: Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to tryouts to sign in are our registration desk.  You must be registered on ​bataviafeederbasketball.com​ to participate. 
 Q: Can I register at the door the day of the tryout? A: No, you must be registered on ​bataviafeederbasketball.com​ to participate. 
 Q: How do we choose sizes for our daughter’s jersey and warm up shirt? A: There will be a MANDATORY sizing night.  Uniform sizing will be held on Tuesday 9/3 and Wednesday 9/4 from 6:30-8:30pm at BHS. So BFB can make sure we are ordering a uniform that is sized correctly for your daughter, you must attend one of the above sessions so she can try on a sample uniform. 
Q: Who will be coaching the teams? A: This is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteers to coach teams.  We will be looking for parent volunteers to run the teams.  Moms or Dads are welcome.  We would like at least 2 parents per team.  
Q: What is the difference between a “Competitive” team and a “Recreational” team? A: The Competitive Travel teams will play a longer season.  They will practice more and have more games.  Those teams will travel to more tournaments as well.  The cost is more for Competitive Travel teams.  Recreational teams will play a shorter schedule.  Those teams will travel to play some teams outside of Batavia. However, the travel is much less than the Competitive Travel teams.  Recreational fees are lower as well. 
Q: How are teams formed, and how many teams will be formed? A: The number of teams formed will be based on the number of girls participating. Girls from all grade levels will tryout.  If possible, we will make 1 or 2 teams at each grade level.  Those teams will be recommended for Competitive or Recreational based on skill level.  We want to create the best experience possible.  While we would like to keep all players, it is possible that some players do not make any BFB team. 
Q: Can a player play in a different age range? A: While we recommend that all players play in their proper age division, it is possible for a player  to play in a higher age bracket if it is appropriate for numbers and ability level. 
Q: How old do you have to be to tryout? A: The league we use has teams as low as 4th grade.  If we have enough 4th graders and  coaches for a 4th grade team, then we will enter a 4th grade team.  Last year we had 2 teams with 4th and 5th grade girls mixed.  If you have a 3rd grade daughter who would like to try to play with the 4th grade team, we will accept those participants for tryouts as well. 
For all other questions or to volunteer as a coach, please reach out to one of the following people:

Kevin Jensen - Head Girls Basketball Coach at Batavia High School - ​kevin.jensen@bps101.net

Frank Torres - BFB Girls Committee & DYTBL 7th Grade Commissioner - ​franktorres0302@gmail.com

David Jonathan- BFB Board Member- davehj1@comcast.net